Over the past year, as part of East Devon District Council’s master-planning process, Ginkgo Projects have been asking the people of Cranbrook what they would like to see in Cranbrook’s future, their hopes for themselves and their children.


In the July we visited Cranbook Day 2015 and in December appeared with artists Blind Ditch at the Cranbrook Community Christmas Market to map out future facilities and places for culture, nature and social facilities. Blind Ditch also worked specifically with young families and teenagers to vision the new spaces that they wanted to see, using lego to create innovative and diverse ideas – for example a youth club, outdoor gym, community barbeque and witch’s gift house ! Click on the images to see the animated gifs…

All of this information will form the basis of a Cultural development strategy for Cranbrook, a road map of potential for culture and life in the town.

Blind Ditch