Education Campus

The Cranbrook Education Campus will have:

  • An all through curriculum that focuses on the individual learning pathway of each pupil and charts their development and continued improvement as they move through each key stage. Transition dips will be eliminated by having continuity of pupil data and teachers’ awareness of each pupil’s developmental needs which will support timely intervention, opportunity for accelerated learning and special needs support as required.
  • An innovative curriculum with the embedded themes of Enterprise and Sustainability delivered in partnership with local employers and other education providers that will inspire learners in the context of where they are living and learning.
  • A collaborative ethos with the local learning communities, employers, community organisations, children centres, the local chaplaincy, multi-agency support teams and the local authority to ensure the school is constantly adapting to the needs of the learners, community and local employment requirements.
  • A key role in developing the community of Cranbrook using the facilities and resources to be at the heart of social interaction, healthy living, engagement in lifelong learning and establishing new traditions for the local population.
  • A focus on evidence based research and practice to ensure the very best and latest teaching and learning strategies drive success and achievement.
  • A large and experienced network in the Mulit Academy Trust which will enable business efficiencies to drive the very best services for all learners.
  • 01404 823293
  • Cranbrook Educational Campus, Tillhouse Rd, EX5 7EE, United Kingdom

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