Welcome to the website for Cranbrook in Common, a site which brings together some of the past, present and future of this new place, its culture and people.

What is culture ?

Culture is not just the arts like performance, music and paintings– it is sports, television, digital media, craft, fashion, film, museums, artefacts, design, libraries, literature, heritage, architecture, landscape, archaeology, parks, countryside, playgrounds, festivals and informal leisure pursuits like walking, shopping & gardening. It is the food we eat, the language and accents we talk with and it’s what we want to share with each other, now and in the future.

RAK_Jessica Lennan

Image by Jessica Lennan, St Martin’s School. Part of Random Acts of Kindness, a project by Spacex Gallery.

Culture is quality of life

Culture for Cranbrook is therefore about improving quality of life for residents and nurturing local talent for the future. Devon is a creative and vibrant place and produces world class talent: did you know that Chris Martin from Coldplay is from Whitestone near Exeter, that Muse are from Teignmouth and that Joss Stone is from Ashill near Cullumpton ? Devon’s next great singer, sportsperson, chef or gardener could be from Cranbrook, but only if its culture flourishes. Culture is an integral part of the creation of healthy, sustainable and desirable places to live, not an optional extra

Making Cranbrook into a unique place

People living in Cranbrook today are optimistic and aspirational about the future. It already developing its own culture already: as a place where new town meets rural countryside, as a town with an emphasis on sustainability and as a community where a new generation of globally connected, information age residents will grow up creating even more ways of connecting to each other and the world.

The site has been supported by East Devon District Council and created by Ginkgo Projects as part of developing a new Cultural Development Strategy for Cranbrook. It includes a brief history of Cranbrook, a culture and activity directory and the results of our culture audits – consultations with the people of Cranbrook on their future life.